Conditions of Hire


Your deposit serves as confirmation of your booking. Unconfirmed bookings will only be held for 14 days at which point the booking dates will be made available to other groups. Your deposit is non-refundable for cancellations. 


Camp hirers are responsible for their camp catering and cleaning. Groups hiring the camp will need to provide their own first aid kit, toilet paper, tea towels, and detergent. Groups are also expected to nominate a suitable first aid officer.


Unless otherwise agreed, arrival times are from midday to 5pm. This applies even if you have had approval for a different time previously. Any exceptions must be approved by camp management at the time of booking.


Unless agreed otherwise, departure time is 10am on the final day. Failure to vacate the camp grounds in time may result in day visitor charges being applied. This applies in all instances; even if you had approval to leave later in the past.


The Camp Managers must be advised of any proposed visitors in advance. A day visitor charge of $10 is chargeable for any visitor in camp longer than four hours. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that all day visitors comply with our conditions of hire.


Bedding is provided for Totara Lodge only and may not be used elsewhere. For all other accommodation blocks only mattresses are provided and you should bring your own bedwear. Mattresses are not to be removed from the beds or bunks. 

Camp Equipment & Damage

Camp equipment must only be used for its rightful purpose and must not be taken off the camp grounds. Hirers are liable for all costs associated with damage and breakages to any assets, including all glass and windows. Graffiti of any type will be treated as vandalism and will incur a charge for its removal and/or replacement of the damaged asset.


A daily rubbish removal fee is payable by hirers. Failure to use the appropriate on site rubbish facilities may result in additional charges. No seafood is to be put in our bins or left at the camp after your departure.


At the conclusion of each camp, it is the hirers responsibility to ensure that the camp camp grounds and building are cleaned to at least the condition found on arrival. Failure to adequately clean up will result in an additional cleaning charge of $10 per person.

Camp Hours

Camp quiet hours are from 10pm to 7am. It is expected that guests will be indoors and quiet during these hours. We also ask that guests respect our neighbours and refrain from making any undue noise while in camp. Outdoor PA systems and loud portable speakers are not allowed.


Hirers are responsible for the safety of their group during their activities. Risk Management Assessments are available for all activities and should be adhered to. Adult supervisors must be appointed for each activity and must meet with camp staff before using any of the camps activities or equipment.

(Alcohol / Smoking / Vaping / Pets)

Hirers will be held accountable for the behaviour of all campers and guests for the duration of their stay. 

+ Alcohol is not permitted in camp and must not be brought onto the camp grounds
+ Our camp is strictly smokefree at all times; smoking and vaping are not permitted on our camp grounds
+ Dogs must not be brought onto the camp grounds, including in vehicles
+ Fires and/or fireworks are not permitted on camp grounds

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